Hâvre Jeunesse / Teen Haven has been helping youth and their families since the 1960s.

It is not an institution but it is just as close to a home as we can possibly make it.
— Robert H. Johnson

Reverend Robert H. Johnson was adamant about extending the good work of transforming lives outside the four walls of his local church. Recognizing the needs of his local neighbourhood, he longed to see the lives of youth and their families restored. He enlisted the help of volunteer workers who had an academic background including nurses, social workers, educators and lawyers to form a mission team who would walk the streets of Saint Laurent Boulevard after dark. They connected with youth caught up in drug and alcohol addiction, and sex trafficking. While walking the streets, the advantages of taking the next step to open a home for youth became apparent.

Our founder Rev. Robert H. Johnson had a special compassion for youth and families in need.

Our founder Rev. Robert H. Johnson had a special compassion for youth and families in need.

Teen Haven opened in the fall of 1963 on the financial support of radio listeners (Reverend Johnson had a radio show that broadcasted every Sunday night) and the work of many staff who were underpaid. Through faith-based programs built on the Judeo-Christian ethic, lives of troubled youth were transformed. This came to the attention of various judges who, unsolicited by Teen Haven, petitioned the Provincial Government to offer financial support. They did! The Provincial Government continues to support Teen Haven and there is much gratitude for this government support.

In 1964, Teen Haven was incorporated as a separate legal entity with a singular purpose. Since then, Teen Haven has become part of a vital network of cooperative institutions serving the Anglophone community of greater Montreal.

Teen Haven began with one home on LaSalle Boulevard, housing both adolescent boys and girls. Almost immediately, Teen Haven purchased a second home on Moffat Street, providing one home for boys and a separate home for girls.  The addition of a second home brought the number of beds to fifteen, which is our current capacity today.

To this day, we remain true to our calling.

Our Mission

We are a private, non-profit residential group home committed helping youth thrive.