LaSalle Home serves female youth ages 15-18.

This home is for at-risk youth who require concentrated services to ensure they are equipped and ready for independent living. Residents at LaSalle Home are required to either attend school, obtain employment or volunteer, without exception.

The following is a list of programs and services offered at the Lasalle Home:


Depending on the age and situation, not all clients attend school. Some attend an adult education program. Those who choose to continue their education, are supported and encouraged towards pursuing CEGEP.  This support includes provisions offered through our Teen Haven Foundation and our networking partners.

We place a strong emphasis on the importance of either completing a GED or obtaining a high school diploma. If a youth requires special attention and support in a given subject, provisions are made for the client to acquire a tutor.

The majority of clients attend public schools within the community.

Employment and/or Volunteer Opportunities

It is an expectation within the independent program that youth obtain minimal employment and/or volunteer experience. This creates a learning opportunity, provides experiences and prepares them towards independence. Many of our youth ages 16-17 are successful in obtaining part-time employment while attending school. Youth who are 15 years of age can participate in a job readiness program that prepares them to gain part-time employment. The objective is for youth to be prepared to balance work and personal life so as to better equip them for the future.

Employment and allowances act as an incentive and provides an opportunity for youth to build a savings account.  This helps to reduce a level of stress and anxiety as youth prepare for their departure from care at the age of 18.

Cooking Program

All residents are required to participate in the cooking program to learn alongside our head cook. Each week a youth is assigned to plan, prepare and cook a meal for the home. Youth are given a budget to purchase fresh food items from the grocery store.

Our cooking program has two tiers. Tier 1 emphasizes the importance of planning and organizing a meal. This includes the guidelines to prepare enough food for the group and staff. This opportunity teaches the youth how to prepare healthy meals on a budget and prepares them for independent living. Focus is placed on needs versus wants. Tier 2 is the execution of the meal. This includes the act of purchasing and preparing the meal in a timely manner.

Teen Haven provides cookbooks and explores recipes online to broaden meal options. These meal options can be based on personal, nutritional and cultural needs. Making the right dietary decisions at a young age is what will help our youth make healthy choices.

Support Link and Equip Services

Teen Haven uses the Support Link and Equip services offered through our partners at Batshaw Youth and Family Services (BYFC). These services are directed toward older youth in care, and help us to provide a variety of workshops, personal support, community exploration of services and assistance to youth as they prepare for independent living. Support Link and Equip services offer a continuum of services and follow-up care once the youth is over the age of 18.