It is our goal to expand partnerships within various communities and network with members who will walk alongside our youth, supporting them while they transition out of care.  We rely heavily on the support of partnerships, both through service and community support.

Partners in service

Hâvre-Jeunesse / Teen Haven works collaboratively and in partnership with Bathsaw Youth and Family Centre (BYFC) and the Douglas Institute. Together, through this cooperative partnership, Teen Haven is able to provide support for fifteen youth.

Teen Haven collaborates with other organizations in the Health and Social Service network and uses the complementary services offered to our clients within the Verdun and Montreal area. Teen Haven relies on these services to meet the needs of our clients.


Hâvre-Jeunesse / Teen Haven is also grateful for the support of numerous organizations within our community who give in various ways. We are especially thankful to Insight, Native Montreal, and the180 Church.