Moffat Home serves female youth ages 12-14.

Residents are required to attend school on a daily basis, without exception. Most youth are able to attend school and activities on their own within the community. Youth are also required to participate in the programming provided at Moffat Home.

The following is a list of programs and services offered:


Our youth are required to attend a public school within the community, and support services are offered to youth who are struggling with academic performance. Teen Haven educators have established a working relationship with local schools to provide additional support where needed, and educators offer support for any behavioural issues exhibited while attending school. Our work includes advocating for youth to have academic testing to ensure that there are no learning disabilities. If a youth is identified as having a learning disability, support is provided according to their needs.

Tutoring services

Tutors are available to work with Moffat Home residents throughout the year to support and enhance academic learning. Our tutors help residents both to improve their academic success and build confidence.

Dove Program

Moffat Home residents are required to participate in the Dove program. This program aims to improve youth self-esteem, self-perspective and self-worth. The effectiveness of this program continues to grow and improve since its inception in 2013.

Weekly Programming

Moffat Home residents are provided with a schedule of weekly activities. These programs include cooking, art, community activities and movie nights.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Youth are strongly encouraged to join an extra-curricular activities within the community with the hope that these activities will build on their strengths. Youth enjoy going to the library, the Dawson Boys and Girls Club, the L.O.V.E program, singing in choirs, participating in leadership programs, playing sports and having a gym membership through the YMCA.

Summer Activities

Teen Haven supports youth in their attendance at summer camp. At times, youth participate in the leadership-in-training program (LIT). The summer program will include daily activities throughout the summer months from Monday to Thursday. A schedule of these activities is posted in a public location in order for youth to prepare for each activity.